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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Art By The Bay - Bringing Arts and Crafts to Johor - Danga Bay 26th May at Cheers Bar and Bistro

Arty Party and Food 'N Fun Johor Continue To Grow 

Arts and Crafts at Danga Bay 

At Cheers Bar and Grill

We are showcasing a totally different arts and crafts exhibition at Cheers Bar 

& Grill, Danga Bay Marina Club on 26th May 2013, Sunday. Admission is free

Featuring: Arts and Crafts, Food, Music, Mini's It's gonna be Fun!

This event is family-driven and will benefit all age groups. We are targeting a crowd of 300-500 people.

It comprises arts and crafts market, food and beverages, mini cooper fest, photobooth, games and etc. Proceeds will be donated to charitable organization on own free will. 

The hosts/organizers are Arty Party (an event-driven team for artists and crafters) 

Food & Fun Johor (an advert page on best restaurants, foodies, local entertainment and art events happening around the region)

Sponsorship by Cheers Bar & Grill 

Danga Bay

and Universe Ads Magazine

Featuring participants :

MyKasih Foundation

Sofia Cole
Oh My Cakes

Mashiit Fabric and Handmade

Jenn’s Handmade Felt Craft

Mandy’s Sister

Hand Expressions by Mon
Mama's Crochet-Knit Work
O2 Handmade

Mei Sew
Tenacious D(ogs)

Love, Limzy

Bead Spark
Miss Ireen Handmade

And many more…..


JB Art Community - We promote Art, craft, design, music, food in Johor Bahru. Follow our Art event and updates here!

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